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Solution getting slow under 7.8

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I updated from ZerOS 7.7 to 7.8 last Saturday and the Desk worked slow when I changed a Palette on die MFKs or switched to "Special".

It took about 3 sec after pressing the Key till the change on the Display-Labels started and about 1 sec to finish the operation.

Also Swiching between Submaster-Banks took this time.


Today i switched Back to 7.7 and so back to normal Timing.


Again to 7.8 an again slow reaction.


I also resetted the Desk an only loaded Setup an Palettes from an Showfile, or another old Showfile.

Same slow speed.


Finally back to 7.7 and back to normal Timing.


And the USB-Keyboard (Asus UK-Layout) didn't worked also under 7.8 (under 7.7 it works fine).


Any Ideas?





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I'm a new member on this Forum;

I am a light and sound ingeneer living in France; using Sirus and (a new) Solution Desk


I had the same problem :

I switched on 7.8 on my Solution and changing MFGs slowed down (not good on live shows !!!)

so I went back to 7.7 (after reading this topic)

but I really get used to some features in 7.8 ...


so I don't know what to do, because some features in 7.8 are extremly useful in live shows....

is there a chance to get this "slow-down-effect" in 7.8 fixed ???


Jon Hole : what do you mean : ""Dealing with off-forum"" ???


thanks for any answer.... :)

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@Ziglight - "Off Forum" means that Jon has sent an eMail to the original poster which sometimes leads to them being invited to try beta release software.


Zero88 are aware of the issue that you've experienced - there are a couple of other posts here complaining about it too.

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thanks for that reply... :)

if there is a possibility to test a Beta-OS, I would be interested...


the "slow-down-effect" depends on what one is doing on the desk...

sometimes its nearly normal (like in 7.7 with a really slight delay).... but sometimes it gets 2 seconds (or more) before the LCDs change.

the page seems to change nearly immediatly; for exemple on changing "on the fly" for fixture-selection (or something else), selection can be made in sort of a blind-mode (without seeing anything on the LCDs for 1 or 2 seconds..)

and the selection is valid immediatly, even if nothing changed on the LCD screens for instance (the screen-change comes on later)


so I think the delay is only on the LCD screens, but not on the page or mode change !

(hope my explanation is not too confused - my english is not so good... :( )

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