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Tips for programming FAN sequences

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I have six quad pars that are FOH. Rather than just use them to add colour to the musical I would like a gently changing "rainbow" of colour across the two side thrust stages and the main tabs as warmers preshow. I think a slowly moving fan of colour change would do the trick.

It maybe that such an effect is one of the stored ones that I can adapt? But up to know I mavemostly been usung the desk for conventional gear with LEDs and Macs. No use with sequences

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No problems.


You can either create the effect yourself, or go to SETUP > Auto Menus > Auto Palettes, and ZerOS will automatically create some effect palettes. Press SHIFT+EFFECT to open the effect window, and choose 'Rainbow' (effect 28 if you've done auto palettes and there were no effect palettes programmed previously).


Now, press 'Effect' and on the wheels you will see 'Offset'. Hold shift whilst moving that wheel, and the offset will get fan'd across all those fixtures.


If you press SETUP+EFFECT you can press 'Shifted Wheel Mode' and choose how you would like it to be fan'd. There are several options including Fan First, Fan Middle, Fan Last and Fan V.

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