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Dan West

Laggy desk

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Hi guys


Experienced a problem with my solution desk on Sunday halfway through a show.


I was programming some effects into a cue when the desk almost as if could and handle all the data.


I had generic lights up, programmed a rainbow effect across 10 led parcans, a small circular motion on 6 movers and as I went to program 2 other movers to do a a circular motion, after pressing the effect the desk just stopped responding to anything I did on it, and it would have a 30 second to 1min delay on the lights actually changing. I had a look at the system info and during all this the processor load is about 22% and I'm using half the memory. At the moment the desk is rendered pointless because when I trigger a cue in the memories, with the delay being about 30 seconds the lights don't change on cue. My first love show is this Friday, so I'm worried!!!

I have a video of the desk not playing ball, I'll upload it now and post the link.

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Hi Dan,


I see that you are in our Beta Test group, are you running Beta software? If so, there is a discussion about software speed issues within the Beta Forum, and how you get around these.


If not, which version of ZerOS are you running?





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I'm running the latest stable release as I don't want to use the beta for a show. I'll double check exactly what version in an hour. I just need fk drive to the venue as that's where the desk is

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