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Fat Frog Fixture personality's

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not sure if this is the right area to post this in or not but I was wondering if there is any way of creating fixture personality's for the fat frog so I can control my stairville MH-X25 moving heads using the wheels.





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Hi Owen - here is one I bashed up this morning. You might want to load into fixture editor and adjust default values (such as for pan/tilt as these are not clear from your description). At the moment all default to 0. Pan and Tilt are defined as 16 bit parameters (using 1+3 and 2+4). I hope this is helpful. Peter

Stairville MH-X25 12 Channel.ift

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You may find it better if the home positions are set;

Dimmer = 255 (Full Brightness)

Pan = 128 (Halfway)

Tilt = 128 (Halfway)

Shutter = 4 (Open)

as these will make the fixture start from a mid-position with lamp on when the "home" button is pressed.


My only other comment is that the colour should be "Color Wheel" and not "Other Color" but not sure if it makes much difference?





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