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Hello, could someone please help me out with making a custom fixture for http://www.americandj.com/pdffiles/x_move_led_25r.pdf .


I tried to make a file in the Type Editor but when I try to load it it says wrong type or something like that... (file attached)


Also, can I change 5 pin to 3 pin and then go back to 5 pin again? I have various lights.



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Hi there,


Your fixture file looks Ok.


Could you be trying to "Update Fixture file"? If so the console is expecting a Global Fixture file format. On the Solution XL, I "Load UFT" - User Fixture Type for custom fixtures that I've created - this may be similar for you?


Regarding 5 pin and 3 pin connectivity, the answer is yes - both use pins 1, 2 and 3 with a straight mapping on pins. For 5 pin DMX, pins 4 and 5 were sometimes used for a second universe on other manufacturers equipment but I don't think this was ever established as a standard.





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