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Hi Glenn - your definitions look fine to me. I have tried your profile on our Fat Frog and it goes back to 1 after 12 wheel groups have been displayed (as you have 6 x 2 wheel groups to allow for RGBW). I can't find the limit documented anywhere but I suspect that 12 is the limit. Hopefully Jon will confirm tomorrow.


If that is so you can still get a working profile in one of two ways:

1. "Compress" your colours so they fit onto 12 wheel groups (so second group would be 1w-2r-2b and third 2g-2w-3r etc).

2. Put the four missing colour groups into beamshape or position along with the "real" parameters.


Neither is ideal but both will work. I tested "1" above by deleting your 3-wheel groups and loading the profile like that and it uses 11 colour wheel groups but back to front (highest number to lowest) presumably due to parameter order.



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Thanks Peter for replying.


I moved missing colors to beam shape wheel. it is what it is. Maybe John will add/ make

a fix????



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