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Edit Fixtures menu automaticly pops up when setup is pressed

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I have a leap frog desk and everytime I click on setup it changes to edit fixtures and when I press close the edit fixtures page reappears. I managed to navigate to the clear desk option when I continuously click close but after pressing okay on reset desk the desk does not appear to be restoring. Another thing is that when I tried to edit a previous fixture to make the fixture I actually needed the desk continuously writes "D" or "8" depending on the box I want to type in.


I need URGENT help as I have a performance later this week.


Please could anyone help?


Jack Mason

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Jack - not sure you have put this in the right forum as you might have a "Leapfrog 48"? In which case it should be in the "ZeroOS" section.


Do you have a keyboard connected? If so, most likely there is a key stuck down which is doing this. Shut the system down. Press every key on the keyboard and check it is working normally. If you find something odd, unplug the keyboard power up the system and check the problem has gone away. Replace or repair the keyboard and reconnect.


Second possibilty, a key on the console itself is stuck down in which case do the same as above but on the console. Switch back on and see if it is still as it was.


Does this help? Peter

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