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Software Update - problems installing it

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The Version 13.3 message is the base operating system version that the desk is running on, don't worry about it, it's not a problem.


Unfortunately the solution to software installation problems is to just re-try downloading and unzipping the files, formatting disks in the desk, use different disks, use a different PC etc. as listed above. You can get there in the end. If you try again and again and it still won't go, then it may be that the drive in the desk has a problem. Either get the desk back to a dealer or give the office a call to arrange a return for a service. If your desk is out of warranty and you fancy a go yourself, then try fitting a new drive - they're just standard PC drives.

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I too had problems installing 10.10 on my Fat Frog. I tried reloading at least 4 times without success. However, I was ultimately successful.

Here was my solution:


Use a brand new floppy disc.

Format the disc DIRECTLY in the lightboard first. Do not format through the computer.

Unzip the file DIRECTLY to the disc. Do NOT unzip to your hard drive & copy to the floppy.

Keep the o/s file as the only item on the floppy--delete any other files, even though the unzipped folder contains a .txt file.


Hope that helps.


John A

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Okay - new development. We're trying brand new floppy disks, but now a completely different problem has come up. This time, the floppy disk reads up to 100%, but instead of updating or displaying 'System Terminated', the desk boots up under the old firmware. This has happened multiple times now and we're not sure what to do.


The floppy drive seems to work since it reads the entire update file.


Any help would fantastic!

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