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Moving Memories in Stack

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I know this has been discussed before but I'm unable to find that thread so I'm starting a new one:

Is there a possibility to move multiple memories in stack on a LeapFrog w/ ZerOS 7.7?


I am re-doing old shows and I need to insert new scenes into the memory stack and I'm afraid the Insert-Function doesn't allow for enough new steps to be inserted. I'd rather move a range of memories "downwards", like memories #12 - #24 now being memories #24 - #36.

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Hi Johnny,


No there isn't a way to move multiple memories in one go, however:


- If you press INSERT a second time, it allows you to put in a second digit of decimal place - allowing 99 memories between two other memories.


- If you go to the 'Comments' column, and press 'Enter' you get to the memories' settings. Here, there's an option called 'Next' that allows you to specify which memory follows the one you've just selected. This allows you to jump further down the memory stack, to where you can put your new memories, and then at the end, use the same method to automatically jump back up to continue with your previous memories.


Hope this helps,



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