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Did you knew....

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... If you screamed for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, you've produces enough energy to heat up a cup of coffee

(Don't think I'm going to try it)


... I you ducked for 6 years and 9 months, you got the same amouth of gas as a nuclear bomb

(thats more interesting)


... a pigs duck lasts for 30 minutes

(I want to be a pig in my next life, and hou did they found out??? and why??)


... if you smashed your head against the wall you burn 150 calories/houre

(still don't beleve those pigs)


... that people and dolphins are the onely species that have sex for fun

(thats why dolphins keep on smyling, but why does a pigs duck last for 30 minutes? It's not fair)


... an ant can lift 50 times his own weight, drag 30 times his weigt and fals on his right side when they are poisoned

(you got to have something to investigate?)


... polar bears are right handed

(who knews, who cares?)


... a flee can jump 350 times his body length? a humas would jump over 7 football feelds

(30 minutes? Can't beleve it. and why a pig??)


... a cockroach can live 9 days without his head and then he dies of starvation

(:? )


... a male grasshopper can't have sex when his head is still on his body. the female lets him know when she want to have sex by eating his head

(darling I'm home... o ohhh)


... some lions have sex more than 50 times a day

(I still want to be a pig, quality above quantity)


... the eye of the ostrich is bigger than their brains

(i know people where it's the same)


... a seastar hasn't got brains

(also know people like that)



now you have read this, I can onely say one thing,..........






It are lucky ducks those pigs, and when you're wife calls you a pig, it's a compliment.


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