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Fat Frog Fail

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My fat Frog failed last night just before a show. it had been working fine all day and was powered down to move into the tech box. When powered up again all that happens is all the LEDs in the push buttons come on and stay on and the LCD screens are black. my Fat Frog doesn't have a VGA connector so I can't connect an external screen.

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Sounds like it could be the battery failed - if your desk doesn't have a VGA connector then it's likely that it's an early MK1 in which case it will be a soldered in NimH rechargeable.


If you feel confident enough to open the desk and put a voltmeter across the battery (it's obvious which is the battery) then you should get a reading of 3.6v or more - usually about 3.9v. You can swap the battery yourself but the mainboard has to come out of the desk and you need to be careful removing the battery as the through plate solder connections can easily be damaged - RS or CPC will sell you the battery. Otherwise your local Zero88 repair centre should be able to do the repair for you.


Whilst you have the desk open also check that the RAM stick is seated firmly in it's socket - I've never known one come loose because of the retaining clips, but there's always a first time <_<

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