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Recording Sub Masters In Macro's

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Hi, I am currently trying to record a macro that will press the flash button (set as a go button), this works fine but my question/problem is can the macro be set to press the sub master on a set page, so if I am on sub master page one I would like the macro go to page 3 and press flash button for sub 3 (Sub 3/3)


In addition if I set the desk to be able to record a page containing 30 subs how can I record a macro to press the flash button for sub 20 (I am on the solution desk not the solution XL desk)


many thanks


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Hi Derek,


On the Solution, Macros will only record button presses, so although you can record 'page up' and 'page down' on the submasters, you obviously would have to be on the right page to start with.


If you ensured you started at page 1, all your macros could change to the page you wanted, and then put the page back again... I know that's not ideal, but a possible work around.


The 30 submasters are there for use on DMX In. Macros on the Solution can only record front panel button presses, so in theory there's no way to get to the other submaster flash buttons from a Macro. However, are you using all 48 channels? If you have a spare one, you could patch it to another universe, and then run a short DMX cable from the DMX Out of that universe to the DMX In, and then use that fader and flash button to be one of the other submasters.


Hope that makes sense?


Best regards,

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Hi Jon

Thanks for your reply. I have used the 'DMX in' method in the past with success, the problem with this show is we are using all 48 channels and more so thought I would try using macros. I have found a bit of a work around by loading the show up on the phantom zeros (solution XL) then recording the macros and then saving the show and loading up on my desk.


Would it be something to consider to have the macro record what page the sub masters are in when pressing the flash button, this would be a little safer as you don't run the risk of having the desk on the wrong page.


Thanks again


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