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Zeros Update On Old Frog 2

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Hi All

I have an old Frog 2 with 2 usb ports on front (010)

I have just tried to update this to latest version of Zeros 7.7.0

It was a disaster! loads of failed updates.

and no way back.

went back and put 6.0 on and now LCD screen is unreadable, lots of lines moving from

bottom to top and screen is very very faint as if the contrast is all the way down,

you can just make out frog 2 on the screen then some squares.

I am taking it that the older versions are not compatible with new OS

Can someone confirm this.

Any ideas about LCD screen


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Did you do the update via USB or CD? Did you download the correct version of software (there is one download for USB, and there is another download for CD).


There is no reason that updating the software and then backdating the software should cause any issues, as the update process actually removes ALL the software (both operating and application) from the desk and starts afresh, so backdating the software should work exactly as it used to. Did you definitely backdate the ZerOS software AND the Co Processors? Try backdating the software again, and going through each of the options in turn on the 'Update Screen'.


Best regards,

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I have very similiar problem. And now I'm not interested in some 7.7 and future versions, I just want to go back and have a maybe 5.0 software that will work correctly to me. How is possible that there is no some kind of key combination when I turn on FROG2 for factory reset. My problem is that FROG2 say me that there is no co-processor 1. Because update for it crashed during installation.


Any suggestion?


Thanks in advance and best regards

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