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Frog 2 And Zeros 7.7

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Hi All

I have an old Frog 2 with 2 usb ports on front (010)

I have just tried to update this to latest version of Zeros 7.7.0

It was a disaster! loads of failed updates.

and no way back.

went back and put 6.0 on and now LCD screen is unreadable, lots of lines moving from

bottom to top and screen is very very faint as if the contrast is all the way down,

you can just make out frog 2 on the screen then some squares.


I am taking it that the older versions are not compatible with new OS

Can someone confirm this.

Any ideas about LCD screen


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I might be wrong but I think I read elsewhere here that for older Frog 2's the preferred update method was to use the CD Installer Version of ZerOS - presumably because there are 'wrinkles' in the older hardware that corrupt a USB stick installation.


Here we go - found the topic http://zero88.com/forum/topic/6603-77-failed-to-install/#entry25981

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Thanks for the reply, we used the CD to update after burning the iso file, I have now managed to load a older version 6.0 but we still have the LCD problem. It was working fine befor update but after updating LCD firmware it all went wrong

The LCD is blank and only the time in the bottom right is just visible.

By using shift screen I can move screens to it but they are barely visible and there is a hum bar running from bottom to top.

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