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Android Remote On Samsung Galaxy S4

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Hi I have had several problems with the Android remote, the problems all exist on my three devices (Samsung galaxy s2, Samsung galaxy S4, Acer A500) I have updated some posts that mention these problems but not all so thought I would start a new post just to summarise the issues I have. I have connected the remote applications to the Solution and ORB desks and also tried using the phantom zeros for pc


My First problem is the application is very slow (to the point it is unworkable) once the application actually loads up and connects to the desk it is very unresponsive freezing frequently. It is actually quicker to walk back and forth to the desk at the back of the theatre than it is to use the remote. (If I connect using the windows remote on my laptop the remote works fine also works fine on Iphones)


My second problem

is if you rotate the screen the application crashes and has to be restarted.


My third problem is due to the increased size of the Galaxy S4 the remote application starts behaving like a remote monitor rather than the hand held remote but the screen size isn’t that big. Can’t you put an option in to choose how you want to run the application, remote or viewer (similar to the windows PC remote). When I run this on my tablet I get an option to view full screen or not, this seems to toggle the application from being remote or viewer but on my Galaxy I get no such option.


All in all this application would be a really useful tool if it worked, but as it is I can’t use it effectively on three different android devices, it is letting you down.


Is this application being developed further as I haven't see much activity with it, but have seen a lot of people find problems with it?





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Hi keredyelesob,


Sorry for my delay in replying.


Yes - the app is being developed further. We've got an early beta version, but there are still several issues we need to iron out, so I don't have a due date at the moment I'm afraid.


However, your feedback is REALLY helpful, so please keep giving it to us!




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