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Effects And Offset

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Is it possible to download or program new effects on a leap frog 48, if so how do I do this?


We have the basic movements in and there a a few colour fades but I'd like to increase this. It would be nice to have a can can and specific colour chases (full rainbow, reds & oranges, cyans & blues & greens, etc)


Also, is there a way to program these effects that can then be spread over as many fixtures as required? Ie a can can or rainbow chase effect that I can apply to 2, 4 or 6 fixtures and quickly offset each one to get a ripple effect, rather than changing the offset value for each one.

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Hi JudgeAmyHost,


There are a few different ways to do this.


You can either start up one or more effects, make the changes to the size / speed / offset / rotation and then re-record this as an additional effect by pressing and holding a spare effect palettes (on the multi-function keys - remember there are the page buttons giving you a total of 400 effect palettes).


If you want to create an effect from scratch, open the Effects Palettes Window (SHIFT+EFFECT) and then click the 'Effects Window' button in the top left corner. This allows you to specify specific waveforms to each individual parameter, each with their own size, speed, offset etc.


You can 'fan' the offset across multiple fixtures by holding SHIFT whilst moving the wheel. To change the type of fan (Fan First, Fan Middle, Fan Last, Fan V etc) hold SETUP and press EFFECT and then change the 'Shifted Wheel Mode'.


Hope this helps,

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