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Effect On About 140 Rbg Led Bulbs

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Hello friends!


We have a Musicalshow with 2 DMX Universes:

The first universe is for Conventional lights and moving lights, the second is for about 141 RGB Led Bulbs.


Everything works fine, but if we start effects over all 140 Led Bulbs (that are 420 DMX Channels) the Console starts to stutter and became slow. The console needs about 5 - 10 secs. to start the next cue.


Is it possible that 420 DMX Channels are to much for effects all over (chaser and so on).


Now we have reduced the effect onto 100 Led RGB Bulbs (300 Channels) and it works fine.


Many greets.


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Hi Huber,


We've run effects over 8 universes of RGB leds (significantly more than 1000 cells) without any problems.


Are you running the latest version of ZerOS?


Could you upload your showfile with all 141 fixtures patched?


Many Thanks

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