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Solo Function For Moving Lights

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Hello friends!


We need a solo function for a moving light. For example we are programming a cue and the stage is bright, now we want to focus a moving light to a special point. Can we darken the stage, focus the moving and go back to our cue?


Many thanks!!

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Ok, many thanks! Now our next problem is, we are in a cue during a general rehearsal. We want to record a submaster with one channel (a moving light for example). But the Submaster records always all channels from the cue (tagged), although we have used the "selected" button in the record window.



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Hi Mr. Huber. :ph34r:


you may use the REM DIM Function.


Syntax as follows.

Fixture No. x i.e. 101 (SHIFT) and (FULL) The selected fixture is set to 100% and tagged if selected fixt. intensity is 0%, All not selected fixtures are set to 0%


Please also have a look at page 136 ff ORB Manual Issue 2


For further information just give me a call! :)





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The other option is 'Highlight' which is SHIFT + HOME, using similar syntax as above - 101 (SHIFT) (HOME).


This removes all colour and beamshape info, so the moving light is a white beam. You can then position the moving light where you want, and then turn off Highlight (SHIFT + HOME) again to restore the Colour + Beamshape information.


If you want to do this on multiple fixtures, you can use the 'Next' and 'Previous' keys on the Syntax Keys (the 5 blank keys with the LCD above them).


If you use 'Highlight' or 'Rem Dim' often, you can set the blank key to perminantly be this option, instead of having to use SHIFT and HOME / FULL. To do this, hold 'SETUP' and press the blank key, and then select 'Highlight' or 'Rem Dim' from the list.

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