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Hello all! I'm a proud new owner of a Solution XL console, and I've got a question that I just can't figure out. We are a church using LED fixtures in our services. Sometimes we can preprogram portions of our service, but others would like to allow us to mix colors "on the fly" with faders, as the scroll wheels can be more jittery to our volunteers.


I've thought that I could just add a color each to a sub master, red/green/blue/amber, and then just mix the submasters with intensities. That's not the case. When I do this, the moment I hit the trigger point on the second fader, it fades/switches to that color instead of adding that color.


I have each of our RGBA fixtures patched to their corresponding MFK's currently.

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Sounds like an issue I had which I found out to be down to the way the desk was setup, which was LTP.


I'm guessing you are bring up the red parameter then recording to a submaster1. Then bring the red down and green up and recording that to submaster2. This will track red to be 0 and green to be 100% on the green submasters. Instead of bring red down, press the clean button on the desk which will untrack everything and reset it to 0 then bring the green and record that to submaster2. You should be able to mix colours now using those subs.


That the way I got over it a few weeks back. There might be an easier way, not sure lol

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Dan's method should work, but you'll also want to change a setting within the submaster.


Go into the submaster setup window (hold SETUP and press the flash button of the submaster), choose 'Submaster Controls' and then choose 'Colour'. Now, the colour will be added as you move the fader, instead of being triggered at the trigger level.

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Hey guys, thanks for all the help.. It seems to be doing the same problem as I had described after making the changes you said.

When I program RED to a submaster, including the 100% intensity, as I fade up the submaster, it color mixes from pink to red, which brings in other colors, including amber, to achieve that transition. In reality, I only want the RED LEDs to be activated.


Does this make sense?

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Franck, I still cannot get the parameters to untag. When i try, it clears everything. The manual is not clear on how to resolve it. When I go to change the color, or to untag a parameter, I notice the screen above the control wheels sometimes have Red C4 (100) for example. The number following C changes all the time, but I don't know what that means, and can't find where in the manual it says.


I'm seriously getting very frustrated with this board and am considering something else if it can be returned. Are there any tutorial videos that I can access to assist me with what I'm doing? I'm in the USA, and can't find anybody knowledgable on this board.

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I still cannot get the parameters to untag. When i try, it clears everything.


First, load the submaster (using the 'load' button).


Secondly, hold down the clear button, and move the parameter wheels to untag those parameters. Keep clear held for a half second and then let go to ensure you don't clear everything else.


Thirdly, record the submaster and choose OVERWRITE (merge or update will just update the tagged values and leave the untagged values as they were.


Then choose 'Colour' in 'Submaster Controls' within the Submaster Setup window (as per my post above).


Repeat these steps for each of the colour submasters



I notice the screen above the control wheels sometimes have Red C4 (100) for example. The number following C changes all the time, but I don't know what that means


C4 means 'Colour Palette 4'. This means that the data is 'referencing' - so the submaster / memory is remembering 'Colour Palette 4' instead of the actual DMX values within the palette. This means you can update the palette, and all your memories and submasters which use that palette will automatically be updated.


Hope this helps?

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Hi all.

I've just had a play with some LED battens that have eight channels of R, G and also B. I also wanted to mix colours via Submasters on the fly and have found, after a change to the desk setup, I can... :)


The above is pretty much there but I think one step is missing...

Select Setup then Desk Setup and then Behaviour. My desk was set to Keep Colour Parameters Separate = "No". I've changed this to "Yes".


For R, G and B I've then...

Selected Fixtures

Select Colour (RG and B will all probably be highlighted)

Select Clear and Colour together

Set Colour (and include brightness if needed) - only changed colour settings will now be highlighted

Select Update and Ok the update of the Submaster


In Submaster view;

Check the Submaster is set for "Colour" in Submaster Control

Check Flash Button Action is "Flash" if you want to manually flash the Submaster.

Also set Fade Up and Fade Down to "0".


I can now bring each colour to any intensity via Submasters.


Hope this helps :)



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