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Edit Tracking In Chaser / "fixture Levels"-Window

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is there a way to edit a chase in the "Fixture Levels"-Window? After programming a chase, it only appears as one line, so I cannot edit single steps and remove values to achieve tracking for those channels. Therefore, a view where every step appears as a single line in the Fixture Levels Window would be very helpful; or is there any other easy way to add or remove channels from tracking in chasers?


And, as an additional point: Is there any key combination to open this little dropdown-menu on a cell in the Fixture Levels Window? at the moment, I can only do this by connecting a mouse to the console and double-click the cell; can this be done via touchscreen or buttons?



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Hi sfalken,


Thanks for the feature requests. The second one isn't currently possible either, so I've recorded them both:


I've recorded your request to add the ability to edit steps in the fixture levels window as issue ZOS-5435, and to be able to get the tracking options directly from the console as ZOS-5437


Best regards,

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