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focus submaster

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hello everybody


i think someone else brought this one up, but i think there wasn't any frog reference number in the response, so i try to achieve this now:


would it be possible to have focus submasters like you had on the sirius 250/500: you know, like pallets, but a combination of them. maybe accessable thru brightness + channel flash button.

i think it would make the live operation even faster (although the pallet locking option is a big step into this direction...)


thanks guys

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I think you're talking about my topic... if that's the case; this would be great:


being able to lock a brightness pallet, which would serve as focus pallets... 24 channel flash buttons = 24 fixtures, so that's easy to do (ok, mambo frog maybe a bit off there?). Selecting numbers 1-24 would home the parameters of color (and maybe beamshape?) attribute(s); but the 'initial' parameter has to be saved there! Then selecting another fixture would do the same thing, and bring back the original values of the previous one. All values would be restored when unlocking the pallet (that would be fixture edited last).


This might be a good start for such a function, a reference number would be great, cause I think loads of programmers would like it (right!?!?) and implementation (having the locked pallets in current beta software) would be rather easy.

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i understand your wish for this function, but it was not what i had in mind:


i want a pallet that can save combinations of pallets. so i have a gobo in a beamshape pallet, a color in a color palett and a position in a position pallet, but i want to execute all three with one button. this would be e.g. brightness and one of twentyfour channelflash buttons.

you could also save beamshape/color/position values directly into this combined pallet without saving them in their respective pallets before...


greetings from switzerland


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