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Updating Leap Frog 48

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I haven't been using my frog for while and with that, I haven't kept up to date with software upgrades and I'm hoping to use it on Friday for a concert.


The frog OS is 5.4 (bought Feb 2008) and I would like to upgrade it to the latest OS so do I need to do a gradual upgrade from 5.4 to 6.0 then 7.6 or can I go from 5.4 straight to 7.6? (I don't have the Zero88 branded USB as it stopped working months ago)


Thank you


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Hi Fcpa,


You can update straight to 7.6.


When following the instructions, instead of installing the desk software and then turning off the desk, turning it back on and then installing the Co Processor 1 software, it's probably best to install Co Processor 1 from the main installation screen instead (via the first of the other two buttons that appear during installation).


I hope that makes sense!

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