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Inserting Memory Steps

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I wondered if you could advise me on using the phantom jester.

I am trying to insert a few programme steps between two existing steps that have only integers assigned (i.e. no .x in the step number) and I am struggling to add more than one step. I have found a "work around" but I'm not sure if its the correct method (I'm new to the jester desk).


If I use the insert button I get the extra steps x.1 to x.9 appearing and I can select one of them to programme but as soon as I press the program button all the other x.y steps disappear. If I try the insert button again on the integer step or the x.y step that was saved I cannot bring up the other 8 blank steps.


What I did find was that if I save the programme to a file and reload it I can go back to the integer step, press the insert button and get the remaining x.y memories to appear and programme one of them.


This seems a bit of a convoluted process, could you advise if there is a better way of adding in several steps in one go.




PS using phantom ver 3.1

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I have found the same problem on the jester. If you select the cue number x (not x.y) then press INSERT it brings back the x.1 - x.9


Hope this helps :)

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Hi romalaw,


Are you using an external monitor? It's a lot easier to understand the point cues if you are.


On the built in LCD, you only see the current cue, so have to then use the up/down arrows to go and see the cues you've inserted

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