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Ml24 Noob With A Headache

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Hi there,

I've upgraded from an ancient Zero 88 illusion 120 (only because it died completely and the school that I work in were forced to put their hands in their pockets!) to a Jester ML24 desk. Literally opened the box yesterday and had an initial play. All ok so far except one niggling issue.

We currently run 4 x betapack 2 dimmer racks which give me 24 channels of dimmers to play with. These 24 channels are automatically assigned to the 24 submasters on the ML24 desk (in wide mode). Right. Our performance space is due for an upgrade in the next couple of years which will mean the addition of a few more dimmer racks to allow for more parcans/fresnels/whatever.

Stupid question alert: Seeing as we will then have more than 24 channels - I.e. too many for 1 operated singly by each fader, how will I then access, for example a parcan on channel 25 via the desk? On the Illusion it was as simple as typing "channel, 25 @ 100%". The ML24 doesn't operate via this method. How do I find channel 25, 26, 27 and any number above??? (obviously for moving fixtures I would access these via the MFK keys - can this be done for generic pars and fresnels? If so, how?).

It's probably something obvious but I just cant see it. Stress and overwork leads to numb brain blink.gif



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I'm not sure you can access more channels directly - otherwise there'd be no sales of Jester 24/48's :P


There's possibly a workaround as you say but it will be fun if the school decides to buy LED PAR's and use those as well - it might get dirty very quickly. It's a shame they got rid of the Illusion so quickly - I have one here that we keep for emergencies (we sold 2 or 3 to customers) but then it's often the way in Schools.

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