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Mac 500 Lamp On Macro

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for some reason I'm having trouble persuading some mac 500's to lamp on from the desk without using the parameter wheel. I've tried entering both the dmx value of the lamp on command (BEAM 230) and also the percentage value (BEAM 90) to no effect.

I want to create a macro to lamp them on to make the process speedy and precise (something which the parameter wheel is not).

What am I doing wrong?



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To Lamp On the Mac 550, select the fixture, and tap "Beam" to go to the Beam controls. Then dial the "Shutter, Strobe, Control" parameter until you reach "Lamp On". If you are on a FLX range console, you can tap the middle encoder button of the "Shutter, Strobe, Control" parameter, and then choose "Lamp On" from the touchscreen. If you wish you can then record a Beam palette, to give you a shortcut to the Lamp On command.

Hope this helps,


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