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Replacing battery in Fat Frog

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I have outlined our symptoms on the Blue Room forum, http://www.blue-room.org.uk/index.php?showtopic=57067, and am pretty sure the battery is starting to die. Battery status shows as normal however and a full reset made no difference. At present it is keeping the memories and fixture settings but losing date and time (which changes to 2999), wide, lock, and LED intensity whenever power is taken down. When it was left off for the best part of a week, the memories were also lost.


We open on Saturday so making do with checking and reloading from floppy if needed for now.


Once the current show closes, we will replace the battery. We believe we have one of the later models with a flat battery, but will open it up and check before ordering the correct part. Our electrician is easily up to the job whether or not soldering is needed.


Once thing that is bugging me is that photos of an opened Fat Frog on the internet shows an awful lot of pieces, so I was wondering if there was any guidance on how to correctly open up and close the desk without damaging anything? Plus any extra info on the battery change would be appreciated (we know about the page with the part numbers).


Many thanks


Peter Vincent, Chesil Theatre, Winchester

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Just to close the loop, changing the battery sorted out our problem as was easier than expected. The only problem was putting the covers back together properly afterwards! Peter

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