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remote switch

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hello forum,


I managed to connect a simple sustain pedal to the desk (ORBXF) , that now allows me to switch to the next cue.However, I am experiencing an issue that has already been described earlier in another post.


When I conected the remote switch the first time, all the dropdown boxes in the zeros-menus wouldnt stay open anymore. So I restartet the desk and that solved it. R-Switch was connected, and menus stayed open. After starting the desk the next day dropdown-menus closed instantly again.

As I disconnect the remote switch everything is fine. Dropdown-menus open and stay open until I select something or click off.


Unfortunately restarting doesnt fix the issue anymore.

I know there is a chance something is wrong with the selfmade plug, but as I say the Remote-Switch itself works fine as a GO-Buton. now, before I go on error hunt cablewise, I wanted to know if this behaviour could be a desk-related thing.




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It sounds like the close contact connection is staying connected (is the pedal latching? It needs to be 'push to make'), or possibly connected until you press the pedal instead of the other way around.


Are any of those possible?



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