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Dan West

Sub master

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I'm in the middle of a show at the moment, and needed to program a sub memorie chase which changes some led pars colour to white then fades back down to its original state which i then drop the slider down. I seam to have an issue with the desk not showing the values of steps, fade up, fade down, colour etc. When you highlight say the step, the step numbers vanish to just a blue field and wont even show that i have highlighted the field in yellow. If i press enter to edit the field the sub memorie page will lock up/lag (im not sure) and i have to enter memories then go back to submasters to be able to move the highlighter again.


When im back at the theatre tomorrow i'll take a few photos of what i mean and upload it. I'm wondering if it's just a glitch in zerOS?

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Hi Dan,


Best way to alter a step of a chase is to 'load' it into the programmer, make the changes, and then 'Update'.


It's not a glitch that we are aware of, however if you would like to send me your showfile, and which version of ZerOS you are running, I'm happy to have a look through it for you.

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