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Hi there


I have a few questions about the leapfrog 48. 2 weeks from now I have to oparate on a live show with a lot of dimmers and moving heads. Since i'm verry limited by playbacks I would like to use mij preset fades as well during the live show. So I'm able to controll my front lights with preset faders and effects and fixtures with the submasters.


I'm gonna use the desk in wide mode, then I have 48 faders to controll my dimmers. When I use a flash button (or fader) of my presets they are set in the programmer. So when I have a submaster with that same dimmer in it... it won't work unless I clear. Another problem is that the value set by the preset disapears, but the fader is still up. That is against all logic (in my eyes). I expect that they have the highest priority, but they havent and that my friends is verry annoying.


In special cases I sometimes work on a avolites 2004/2010 desk. There it is done the right way, when a preset fader is up on 80% and I press clear. The value is cleared out of the programmer, but it still outputs 80%. If i know use a submaster with that same channel in, an go to 100% my output goes to 100% dimmers are HTP channels afteral.

Is there a way to get this same principle on a leapfrog?


I thank you in advance.



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Dear Mathieu,


Thank you for your suggestion. We've recorded it and will discuss the ideas.


However, this won't be done in time for your live show in two weeks.


ZerOS (the operating system on the console) supports up to 30 Submasters on the Leap Frog 48. You can access these from an external DMX lighting controller (using the DMX In), or, if you aren't using all the channels on the console, by repatching the spare channels to an unused universe and using a small patch cable to connect that universe to the DMX in. These spare channels can then be used as submasters (just don't press clear).


Hopefully that will help, and increase the number of submasters you have available.


Best Regards,

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