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Random flashing lights

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how do I program a row of fixtures to come on randomly and quickly like a blinding effect.

I can go in and adjust the shutter so they flash but they just all flash together at the same time.

Can't see anything in the effect menu for doing that ? Do I have to convert a cue stack and do it

that way ?


Regards Jim

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Hi Jim,


If you select the lights in a 'random' order (4 AND 8 AND 1 AND 3 AND 9 AND 2 AND 7 AND 5 AND 8 AND 6 for example), you can then apply an effect, and then, whilst holding SHIFT, change the effect 'offset' on the wheels. By holding SHIFT, you are 'fanning' the offset across the lights, in the order you select them.


Of course, this isn't truly random. At the moment, the only truly random method is, like you say, to make a chase in a cue stack, and set the direct to 'random'.



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