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Link DMX-Out backt To DMX-In

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this is my first post here. My Name is Uli an I am a German Light Guy.

Most Time I work in a small Live-Club. Unfortunally our old Desk crashed and I'm looking for a new one. Now I'm thinking about the Solution.

But the Desk offers just 10 Submasters in one Moment. (The XL is al little to Big and the Price of the Solution ist a good level for the Club). Trying with the PhantomZerOS i found the possibilty to define more Submasters than 10 and assing for example Submaster 11 to 20 to a DMX-In Address.

Now I have an strange Idea. I'dont really need 48 Channels for Dimmers. What might happen if I send in Wide Modus the Faders from the second Preset to Universe 4 and put a Cable from there back to the DMX-IN, so I could for example define Channel 25 to 36 to sumasters an 37 to 48 to Intensity for MovingLights or LED-Fixtures.


What might happen? :unsure:

A little campfire in the new Desk? :angry:

Or will it work? :D




Uli (yeah just one hour annoying dubstep-party, finishing time is coming closer)

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Hi Uli,


That will absolutely work, I've used the method myself before now.


The only thing to be aware of is that by lifting the 2nd Preset channels, you are putting those channels into the programmer, which can be cleared by a single press of the 'clear' button - so don't do that by accident!



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