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I need the following replacement parts, can somebody please give me a part number? i have attatched a picture and marked the parts i require.


1 x variable resistor with an on off click to replace chase potentiometer

1 x thumb wheel cover ( the one that sits on top of the main panel)

1 x power supply






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The PSU is 5537500,

The finger wheel clip is 3947000,


The chase speed pot on this desk does not have the on/off click, it is only the Xfade pot that has that. If it does it is possible it has been replaced previously. The correct part number for this is 4407400.

The Xfade pot is 4407500 if this is the one you need.


Incase you need them the knob and cap of the speed pot (or the other two) is 5367000 and 5396000

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