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here are some pictures from a show i did called can you see me yet it was my last high school show. Its set in a insane assilylum. comments would be helpful negative and positive alike we had a few problems with the fat frog but over came them in the end :D to an extent here are just a few pics hope you like them


we used


fat frog

7 mac 250 kryptons

3 s4 19 degree

5 8" frenels










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Moderation: The pictures are fine Jon, but could you please reduce the size of your first and last images in the above post so that they are similar in size to the others. The first image is 1156 x 852. Ideally images should be no larger than 640 x 480 pixels.

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Hi Jon,


I have edited your post to remove the large photos, taken copies, reduced them and posted them here (hopefully) ...





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a show we did in april:

11 Movitec WL250

24 Movitec SL250

24 Par 64

4 stage bliders

4 atomic 3000 strobes

7W laser


and a lot of cables :lol:


you can find a movie of it HERE (12.7 MB)

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Last weekend we provided sound and light for a festival in Loon op Zand, the Netherlands. Just some pictures of this:


Building the stage and fronttruss:




Pictures of The Sheer & Les Truttes:











4x mac 250 krypton

6x robe 250 XT wash

20x MultiPAR front

6x 4-bar raylight

4x 4-bar ACL

2x 4-light blinder

2x Titan 3000 strobe

2x Pro2000 + fan

1x LeapFrog console


Though I didn't operate a lot (we've got a student who want's to learn and most acts brought their own operators) it was a nice weekend!



Edit: sorry, URL of the pictures changed, now updated

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these are some pictures of a show I did last week
















In this show I used:

- 2 zero88 mambofrog

- 16 Movitec SL250

- 20 Martin Mac 2000 profile

- 3 Martin Mac 600

- 4 Martin Atomic 3000

- 8 lineblinder

- 7W laser (green)

- 8W laser (full color)

- 24 dimmer channels

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this are the pictures from my last event


that's me






Your can see movie's on www.tdbm.de


and this are the devices:


1* Mambo Frog

1* Jester 24/48


2* Robe Club Scan 250XT

4* Chauvet 150 HTI Moving Heads

1* Shogun 3D RGB Club Laser, 80 mW Red, 30 mW Green, 20 mW Blue

1* JEM Magnum Hazer

1* Martin T-Rex

2* T4 Bars with 8 Par 56


Nice greetz Marc

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