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Those plants were the idea of the organisation, but it turned out to be a great sight. Too bad; I had one setting in green & blacklight which was cool, but the picture of that one didn't turn out good because of the dark setting.

I even had fountain plugged into a DMX-switchpack; that stood in front of the drumriser. Weird ideas (somewhat dangarous, combining fountains & electric things) but cool lookin' :)

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Monsters of Rock, from last weekend


8 robe 250AT, 56 par64, 6 2-lite blinders, 4 4-lite blinders, 3 2000W strobes, 10 floorcans, 2 ETC zoom, 4 pc's,...

and 1 Frog and 1 Mambo Frog


Three coverbands, guess who this is...




Soon more pics

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Done a DanceClassics Party last saturday, my first real hand on experience with a frog, and i must say, i was amazed how easy it is to create some nifty effects with intelligent lights.


4x Martin MX-4

4x Martin CX-4

4x Oby 3

2x Showtec SP250


On a Fat Frog and

2x Martin RoboColor Pro 400

Martin Magnum 2000

and a bunch of T4 bars with Par 56 on them



There is a bug in the board, it tries to parse smilie code inside img tags




My PCDJ setup:



For this show we had to go really back in time, one of the dimmerpacks suddenly refused to work and we had to go and fetch the old dimmerrack (back to the DMX -> 0/10V converter days) And some other stuff that never had malfunctioned before didn't work anymore :)

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New show:










Done with 4 MACs 250, 6 Robe 250XT's, 6 518's and a bunch of conventionals.

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Uhhh how am I going to explain in English :)


It's a choire of approx. 50 persons (10 guys I think) which was combined with an orchestra (you see in the back). There was also a seperate percussion stage on the left. This show was given in a sports arena, so we had to do a lot of work on it; we did the rigging, lighting and sound. You can view more photos @ http://www.idak.nl/?action=photoalbum (Dutch website of a company I do some work for sometimes).


The decor used was the same as used for the concert of Marco Borsato in "De Kuip" in Rotterdam this summer. It's very cool, made by Heavy Decor; those guys have a lot of decor in the scrapyard style; http://www.heavydecor.nl (also Dutch).


Had a lot of fun, too bad there was a shortage of time: we did some work at tuesday 11pm - 2am, than again on wednesday 10am - 11pm, I programmed on thursday, which was also the last rehearsel (how do you spell that? and how is that called in English?). Made some quick adjustments on friday, and friday night was the first show! Did 4 shows and then got it all down and loaded in 3 hours. Got home broken :)

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My latest show (at first design at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama):

After Mrs Rochester - RWCMD Caird Studio - 23rd to 30th October 2004

Photographs thanks to John Bishop. Programmed on an Illusion 500. Entirely generic rig, consisting of 26 fresnels, 6 cyc floods, 17 profiles and 8 Source4 Pars.



Jane Eyre



Jean Rhys - Preset






Ella again

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Very nicely done, photographs are really good. Unfortunately the photos of my show we're taken by the sound engineer from behind his console :)

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And yet another one!


It's a kind of award show for best sportaccomplishments in our town.


WYSIWYG render:


I'm still a n00b with that program so it's not that good yet


And some showphoto's

















Camera wasn't that good so most pictures are blurry.


What I used:

[*]3x martin mac 250 krypton

[*]6x movitec xt250 wash

[*]1x leapfrog zero88

[*]Conventionals from the theatre itself

[*]the wite cloths

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Don't you guys run any shows anymore? :P


Another one with our Leap Frog:














- Mac 250 Krypton

- Robe XT250 washes


- Source 4 PARs

- Hazer

- Frog

- and everything else is the house rig of the theatre

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We do many shows, but my camara is lost since I rearranged my cubicle :-(

it must be somewhere.

So i´ll have to feed still life photos :mrgreen:


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18 4-bars patched at 1 single fader? :D


How is the riggin of those double heads done? Using a baseplate?

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25 4-bars, you've forgot the 7 on the front :D


Rigging was pretty simple, 2 times 1/2 conical coupler and 1/2 swivel clamp from prolyte and a 60cm alu-tube.

Snap je het plaatje?

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I did this show i January this year, i used:

4 x 812

2 x ypoc 250

Lots of pars

some fresnels and pebbles

and som 1kw profilse

DHA rotation-gobo gear





And so on undtil






The text on som of the images is the name of the band, i have copied those out from a movie...


do you like the logovison? :D

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