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I recently purchase a second hand Frog Mamba desk.


I will use this desk for school gigs.

I already programmed scenes en chases under the faders and the SX bottons.

I would like to control the lights by opening one fader and adding other faders and SX buttons. Now when i want to do this only the last activated chase, scene is outputting.

Can this desk do this and if yes how. I guess it has something to do with the LPT and HTP settings. But I cant find much info in the manual.

Desk configuration is mainly default.

I other problem i have. When I set the time/date after rebooting the desk time and date are lost.

Battery check says OK





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SN: 0073901 XXXXXXXX

SW: 10.4.1

BIOS: 5.3.1


I try both, full and partial.

When i put different data form different fixtures, under different SX or Submasters each time i change the SX or Submaster output the previous output goes to zero.


The config of the desk is for the rest default but i also played around with different setting but no success.

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Hi Frank,


Thank you for the support.


Try to update the desk:


I reboot the desk with the floppy in and the OS copy on it.

desk reboot and os is loading


then this message:


Desk ID is Invalid


Serial number not recognized


Startup halted


I also downloaded the manual and will be busy with it tonight.

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Think you may have also e-mailed me direct as well, if not it, sounds like you have an issue with the desks battery.

It may not be flat but it may be have gone blow the threshold for being able to hold the settings. I would replace this first then carry out a reset desk to defaults from super user, to clear any corruption that this has caused.

Battery type is a CR2032 coin cell battery.

If you need any further help please contact me directly on the address below.

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Hi everone,



- I changed the intern batt

- reset the desk to default

- install the new software


program mode in partial and then just a question of tagging and untagging the fixture when creating scenes and chases.


Thanks for the support, you was a great help.

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