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Is there any way to transfer pallets with a fixture? Mostly I use the same fixtures, for example movitec 250 spot, briteq PowerBeam (RGB) and JB-Systems LED-Tubes.

They are many other fixtures, but these ask most of the programming time because I have to match the color mixings with the preset colors in the moving lights.


I tried auto-pallets, but the desk always makes different pallets for each fixture so my colors a split over serveral pages, en that doesn't work for me?


There has to be another way to make this more efficient? Please let me know!

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If the manufactures give us the RGB values for the colours in their colour wheels, the console automatically groups similar colours together (so all the yellows, all the reds etc etc etc) into single palettes.


However, not many manufactures include these details, and so the console makes an individual set of palettes for each lantern.


You can also 'switch' fixtures within 'Edit Fixtures' (inside SETUP). Click onto 'patch', select the fixtures on the Multi Function Keys, and then choose 'Change' under the 'Type' column.

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