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Hi Guys,


I have been asked to light a charity concert and Need Help. I don’t do Lighting a lot (as u can probably guess from my posts) and am stuck for Ideas. I will have quite a large Generic Rig, 4 Mac 500’s, possibly some more moving head/ mirror lanterns and a trusty Fat Frog


So firstly: Can anyone think of good lighting styles/ effects to use for concerts (and how do you create them??). The band is quite a heavy rock band.


Secondly: When plotting states for a concert should I plot exactly. What I mean by this is shall I coincide my state changes with Lyrics or music or should they just be random???


Lastly: Can anyone think of some good lanterns- moving and generic- that are reasonably cheap which would be good to hire in for this sort of project. I figured lots of Par Cans but couldn’t think what else.






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Hi Sam,


If you're looking for advice on how to design a show, what fixtures to use, styles of programming etc. it might well be worth having a look at the Blue Room Technical Forum. CLICK HERE


They have a lot of members with experience in theatre and live music,


The forum is very active and you are likely to get a quick response.


Update: There is actually a topic called Lighting a Rock Band which may have some useful ideas .. CLICK HERE

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If its rock they want, then its rock they get :!:

Loads of pars at the back of the stage both on the deck and it the air, leave your macs on the drumriser, they can kick duck outa the drum solos.

4 or 8 litet moles on the front truss or pa open white facing the cattle and most important SMOKE!! hire 2 min.

As noise boys would say before a rock gig " HEADS BOWN KNOBS TO THE RIGHT". Loads of chases. :D

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ahh the good old rock show.

As for hire....get some colour changers in...and try and get some roboscans (always look good)

Design wise..

I always think the wobblers look great sitting in a row at the back of the stage, then you can make them pan back and forth and maybe light up the back drop (if they have one)

Lots of pars on the back.....colours:






Pars on the front of the stage facing the band(s)

also......program loads of blinders. (where all moving lights face the audience and white gelled pars at maximum output) these are great for those heavy gaps you get in rock songs.


most importantly, don't get nervous...have loads of fun and make it look the absolute dogs!! (start as you mean to go on mate)

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Sorry I'm not really qualified to give any lighting tips :) and you haven't said when the concert is, but it would be nice to see a pic sometime of what you achieve...



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