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Fat Frog randomly rebooting

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We have a fat frog that randomly rebooting itself. We have replaced the battery and checked all the connectors inside and they all seem fine.


We have also swapped power supplies and this has not made any difference. Our backup desk, which is a normal frog works ok when connected in the fat frogs place.


Do you have any ideas as to where we should go from here?

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We have a Fat Frog that also is reportedly powering off randomly.

It is an intermittent fault which is hard to reproduce.

The power supply appears to be ok and it has a new battery in the desk.


Any other thoughts on things to look out for?

I know this is an old thread but has anyone had similar issues?




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I'd be tempted to try another power supply, there's not a great deal in the desk itself to cause random power downs so I'd be suspecting the PSU. However, if the PSU can't deliver the current at the right times, the desk will likely power off yet the voltages will look OK.


Battery low/failed is usually shows not being remembered when the desk is powered off, so it's not likely to be that.

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