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At the venue I work at, we have a Leap Frog 48 desk and 4 moving heads. We've connected each moving head to the moving head controls and they work fine on their own, however, if you're using a moving head and then add in a submaster the moving head returns to it's off position. It's also causing a problem for where we have managed to program the moving heads into submasters, the problem being I can use one channel but as soon as I add another submaster, it overrides the existing channel.


I don't know if there is any way around this so that the submasters do not override what the moving heads are doing.


Any help is appreciated!

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I assume you mean elements of the same type? for example, when you have a submaster with pan & tilt set.

And you wanne make another one where the pan has a different value but the tilt does not have to be changed. As far is I know the desk highligts the tilt to and memorises it. Same voor CMY and RGB, they seam to be connected together.


An other thing you need to know... A submaster always releases the values set in the submaster when it stops. You can change that in the extra tap in the submaster window.

This mean that when you stop a submaster, the MH colors, position, gobo,... wil remain the same. And wil not change back to default. (home pos)


BTW, if you are controllings MH's make sure you're desk is in tracking-advansed mode. Otherwise you are a little limited in functionality. (In my opinion.)

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Hi James,


The following is assuming you are in Tracking mode, and have Smart tag turned off (option available on the Multi Function Keys when you press 'special').


When operating fixtures, as soon as you move one of the parameter wheels that parameter will display 'inverted' on the LCDs above the wheels (the background will turn white and the text blue).


All the parameters that are like this (we call it 'tagged') will be programmed into the submaster.


So, if you want a submaster to have no control over a moving light at all, you have to ensure the moving light has no parameters tagged. You can either press the 'clear' button to remove all information from the programmer and start again, ensuring you only 'tag' what you want to record, or you can hold down the 'clear' button whilst moving a wheel to untag that specific parameter. Once you have moved a wheel, keep 'clear' held for a second before releasing it.


In the same way, if you want a submaster to only affect position, and not colour / focus / gobo etc, ensure only 'Pan' and 'Tilt' are tagged on the wheels.


Remember, when you press 'home', all parameters on that fixture get tagged.


Hope this makes sense?

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