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Frog2 Crashes frequently

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I run a small university production crew and we have two Frog2 consoles. Every single time we have taken them out in the two months we've owned them, we have had to perform hard resets on both desks because they would lag uncontrollably and/or freeze entirely. The desks always freeze when performing the most elementary functions possible, like raising a single dimmer, playing a cue, pressing the *group, beam, position, effect etc...* button or opening a window. Last week on a simple four hour event the console had to be rebooted 5 times throughout the evening. As one could imagine, this is not exactly ideal when working live productions.


The consoles are both running ZerOS 7.3. I have been unable to update to 7.4 because the dedicated zero88 flash drive that was provided is only 32mb while the update is 62mb, and no other flash drive that I install the update to will be recognized by the desk.


I enjoy the Frog2 surface, but If it can't perform in the most basic of settings then I will reluctantly have to get rid of them and move to a more reliable surface. That is not something I would like to do, but would have no other choice unless a solution to these issues arises. I would appreciate it if someone could shed a little light on why this might be happening.


Thanks so much.

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Where are you located?


What serial numbers do the consoles have?


Do you have 1 or 2 USB ports on the front?


If you only have them 2 month did you bought them new or used?

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Please can you PM me on the address below to take this further.


EDIT: One desk has been dated as 7 years old the other is 6. Both have the orignail version of hardware fitted. I am working with the customer on various options to help get them operational.

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To be honest any pc I own gets very creaky when it is maybe four years old, it gets clogged with files updates etc. To have lighting desk of any make working with no servicing after that length of time is pretty good going IMO :)

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