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Flash Function on Mambo Frog

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Hello everybody,


we're a very small company in the very south of Germany. We started working for a band, which has a mambo frog. After only two or three hours of training with the Phantom Frog I allready feel quite comfortable with the desk. I think it's very intiutive. But now I have problem. I usally create serveral submasters, for different functions. One for colours, one for moving, one for gobo, usw.. This works fine. But now I want to create flash-functions on the SX-Buttons. For example we use 8 Robe Robin 600 Wash fixtures, which have a build-in random-strobe function. So I want to programm a button that flashes to the DMX value and when I release the button the old value is restored. Is this possible?


It would be great if you guys out there could help me!





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Hi Dominic,


Unfortunately the desk is not able to do what you are asking.

The SX buttons work on LTP basis for the fixture attributes for the colour, beamshape and position. So when the button is pushed it send the channel to the value recorded but does not return it to the original when it is released.

It only does that with the dimmer channel for the fixture.

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