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Capture not connecting with 7.3

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Hi There,


recently had our Leap Frog updated to OS 7.3, the console seems to work fine however I no longer seem to be able to connect to Capture, even when the console says I have a successful connection. I have contacted Capture and they suggested I talk to you.

I can make it work with version 2.6.14 of Capture but nothing later.....

Thanks in adavance



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Hi there,


....as yet no response would like to sort this as I use this console to teach with, in conjunction with Capture.

Next week I am teaching operators at the Sydney Opera House how to operate a Grand MA2 with Capture so they are skilled enough to do my shows, it works just fine with the latest version with the MA2.

I have work experience kids who have operated the Leap frog on a few tricky shows only made possible by using a visualiser such as Capture, they will be at the Opera House for this upcoming show, I want to show them similarities with the two consoles.

At school we have an old 96 Chl. Bull Frog as well as our Leap Frog, rock solid reliable consoles, I talk up your consoles with a number of skeptics here in Australia as well as specifying your consoles when I have the oppertunity.

Very happy with your local dealer but I am starting to feel like we here in Sydney are not that important to Zero 88 please let me know if support is available for this issue so I can plan alternatives for the future if necessary



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Hi Ferg


We've looked into this and it's a small bug with ZerOS which worked in older versions of Capture. Capture changed their software to modify the behaviour when it saw that bug, in version 2.7, which stopped it being able to see the desk. We'll get the bug fixed in the next version of ZerOS, which is nearing completion. The bug reference is ZOS-4864.


I hope this helps,




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Just booked an GrandMA2 for our upcoming end of year show as I cannot use our Leap Frog on Capture due to the above fault which I reported in May this year.


That means an entire year of my production students have not had access to the training they require and I will have to teach them a new platform for their major show.... I will have to do it myself denying my students the chance to do it themselves.


I feel let down by Zero 88 but my students feel more let down as they will miss out on the opportunity that I promised them at the start of the year, incase you hadn't noticed Zero 88 it is now the 20th October and the school year finishes in 8 weeks.....


Very disappointed does not quite cover how I feel right now.............



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Hi Ferg,


I'm sorry we haven't been able to deal with this in the timely manner you would rightly expect.


We've been able to fix this specific problem, however due to some major delays with ZerOS 8 we haven't been able to release the software.


We're working really hard to get ZerOS 8 out - I'm sorry that I am unable to tell you more than that at this stage.


Best Regards,



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