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Just set up our solution desk for remote and I've connected my iPad using the latest version of the app from the arr store. What should I be able to do with the remote app on the iPad? I'd like to be able to use the iPad whilst rigging away from the desk, but the view of the desk is tiny and unlabelled, so I can operate the dimmer channels but it's really quite hard. Am I doing something wrong?

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Hi jhillman,


On a Tablet, the app works as a remote monitor, allowing you to have 5 interactive displays, whereas on a phone (smaller screen) it works as a riggers remote.


We've done this, as most people prefer the size of a phone when rigging / focusing (pocket sized), not a tablet.


Hope this clears up why you are seeing what you are,

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Hi Piero - yes, the application works the same on iOS as it does on Android. When it's loaded on a small screen size (a phone) it acts as a riggers remote, but when on a large screen (tablet) it acts as a remote monitor for the console.

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Sorry for pulling this one up...

I'm just wondering, what's the size needed for "when on a large screen (tablet) it acts as a remote monitor" use"?

Using the android app on our 7" tablet seems to work only as fader/palletes trigger... is the tablet's screen too small, to use as remote monitor? And, by remote monitor it's intended to be used just as windows remote monitor, showing the desktop data?

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Hi Cucolino,


The app doesn't use the physical size of the screen, but the number of pixels that make up the screen.


Apple iOS devices are easy, as they have a small product range. However, the Android product range is so wide and diverse it's a lot harder to define between phones and tablets - cheaper Android tablets have a physically large screen size, but a smaller number of pixels than the more expensive Android phones that are now available.


We are looking at ways we can get around this, so stay tuned!

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I use Ipad with a leapfrog 48. I buy Ipad to have larger screen. I'm very sad to see on panel mode the desk was unlabelled. I have the lasted vesion 2,0. I don't understand why the sceen shot on appstore show panel labelled for ORB? Go to this web site to see screen shot http://www.best10apps.com/apps/zeros-remote,367342433.html


I hope this app was upgrade. I buy this leapfrog for this function (zerOS Remote).

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