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I have a fat frog desk at work and it seems to generally be working fine. But today I noticed that the battery status had changed to 'Failed' it also states it has failed on boot up. Everything seems to be working ok, and its holding all of its settings etc without any issues.


The battery was changed about 3 months ago, so I can't imagine its gone flat already.


Is this going to cause issues with the desk? Or should I just continue to use it as it is?





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Hi Jack


could mean a small corruption of the RAM.

Good check on the battery is the date and time, if these are resetting to random numbers when you power off and on then it will indicate the battery has gone.

The date and time are held seperate to the RAM.

May be worth carry out a reset desk and then loading you show back in as this should clear that corruption back to default.

If you need any further help e-mail me on the address below.

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