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On the Ilusion 120 there was an option to renumber all memories. From time to time there are shows where the producer figures out, that he needs more extra cues between. And after a few extra cues I run into the problem that im already at x.99 so I can’t add any more. Is it possible to add the renumber option again back to the LeapFrog?

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And after a few extra cues I run into the problem that im already at x.99

You've used up all 99 point cues?! That's quite impressive going for 'a few extra cues'.


If you are already at this point, the only way you could do this natively is to copy a cue, and then delete the original, to make space for a new cue. So if you are at Q2.99 but need another Cue before Q3, move Q3 to Q3.99 (Q3.5 would be better, if 50 extra cues is enough!)


However, if you download Phantom ZerOS from our website, you could load up the ORB emulator, open your Leap Frog file, click Stack Setup > Renumber > OK, save the show and then load it back onto your Leap Frog console.


Let me know if this solves your problem.

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I would suggest saving the show with a different file name so you have a backup - just in case it doesn't like being imported and then exported again. It should be fine, as your original showfile is on the 'smaller' of the two consoles (if you had made your show on the ORB, you might have lost some data when loading the showfile onto a Leap Frog).

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well 99 subcues are a lot... but as murphys law says.... it happens that you get on with x.5 and x.7. after that the producer get the great idea to do some more extra cues... and soon you run out of subcues where renumber would help :)


thanks for the advice with the offline editor. But maybe it's also something for one of the next leapFrog updates?

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