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Light Fixtures and palletes

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Could someone please tell me if when you delete a fixture library then re-install it, does it lose its link to the pallete. We have three High End Studio Color 250's, and someone accidently removed the 1st fixture library. He then re-installed it, but when we start using the palletes, it lost all the functions that it had to the palletes. The other two were still good. Please advise what is going on. Thanks.

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Please could you clarify the operation that was carried out.


Did you unassign one of the fixtures and then re-assign it to the same fixture type perhaps ?


If this was the case then you would lose that fixtures values in the programmed memories and submasters.


Unassigning a fixture will remove that fixture from all programmed memories, submasters and palettes.


Even if you then reassign it to the same fixture type, the show file will have no memory of what values each of its parameters were set to in the memories etc.


If the desk was in Full Mode, the only values it can put in for the 'new' fixture, as it sess it, are the default values for each parameter.

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