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Setting submasters in program mode

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I'm new to the Jester console. I managed to set up several submasters on the Phantom on my desktop and can play them in Run mode and edit them.

Later I tried to change the Page B control so I can set up submasters 1 to 12 but this time pressing the button has no effect. (I think it did earlier)

I'm also wondering why the LCD screen keeps going back to memories until I press a flash key to go back to submasters.

Can anyone give me any suggestions? It may just be a problem with teh phantom software. I would like to think it'll be fine once I get my hands on the real thing but life's not usually like that is it :)

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Hi Davyp,


Are you aware of the different operating modes on the Jester range of consoles?


You can program Submasters in PROGRAM mode, but you can only play them back in RUN mode.


There are 4 modes:


SUPERUSER / SETUP - Hold down the SHIFT key and MODE key together for around a second to get into this mode. Press and hold the mode key for around a second to get out of it.

PRESET - Press and hold the SHIFT key to go into or out of this mode

PROGRAM / RUN - It's just a tap of the mode key to go between these two modes


On Phantom, to hold down a key, right click it. It will turn yellow to signify it's being 'held', do you can then left click another key.


I hope this helps,

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Jon, thanks very much. I wondered why keys went yellow sometimes...


I now have another query:


I'm wanting to use submasters for the production I'm lighting and while practising on the phantom jester (swapping between program and run)I find that sometimes I end up with all dimmers on zero and yet there are outputs on where I had submasters set up and activated then I changed from Run back to Program mode and can't find a way of just switching off all the lights ie cancelling any current submasters that are running.

Is there a way to do this?

Also, when we have rehearsals next week I guess the best way to proceed is to work in Program mode setting up scenes on the top row, then saving them as submasters when I'm happy. Is that how you would do it?

Thanks very much.


I've also emailed 'enquiries' so if you receive the email there's no need to reply to that as well.

Cheers.I like the board. As long as it doesn't do something (like the above) I don't understand during the show we'll be fine...

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... and another. Sorry.

I'm not using a monitor for the show(maybe I should try to find one).

I've carefully named my first few submasters and discover that while the name appears on the lcd display in program mode it doesn't seem to be there is Run mode..

Any ideas?


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