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Per Step Chase Settings (or workaround)

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Hi All,


I have a stack of NJD Datamoons that whilst being great fixtures, suffer from not having a dish rotate speed channel - instead you have to set the position of the dish as an absolute value (0-255).


I'm trying to create a slow continuous rotation with a chase. I've set a chase with four steps - 0 degrees of rotation, 90, 180 and 270, and technically since the fixture takes the quickest route with the mirror dish it should carry on back to the start at the end of the chase.


The problem arises because I've set a fade time so that we can have a slow rotate; at the end of the chase the DMX for the dish fades back from 255-0, meaning that we rotate quickly backwards to 0 degrees again rather than carrying on.


Being able to set a fade time per-step would be handy, but I don't think that feature exists, an ability to set a chase to repeat but snap at the end would also do the trick, but does anybody else have any ideas or workarounds on this one?





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Hi Jay,


Are you using the memories on the console? if not, you maybe able to use the Memory stack to do this.


Record Memory 1 with the channel at 0%, a snap fade, and trigger set to 'auto'.


Then record Memory 2 with the channel at 100%, a fade of however long you want one rotation to take (10 seconds?) and the trigger also set to 'auto'.

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Hi Jon,


Yes unfortunately I will be using the memory stack for my show when I need the Datamoons to be rotating, but that may be a temporary workaround that I could work into my show stack somehow, so long as I could break out of it when I need to get on to the next scene - would an endless loop be easy to get out of without using the clear button?


It would be handy to be able to solve this with a memory stack and then save the stack to a submaster, but I can always dream :-)



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