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Artnet and Ethernet

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I´m looking forward to buy a visualizer for my Leapfrog48.


Polar Capture is for my purpose too expensive. I found another software.


This visualizer uses Artnet.

I have no experiance with Artnet!


My questions:


1, My ethernet port is at the moment used for a Wlan-Access point.

Is it possible to use Ethernet and Artnet at the same time on the same cable connection/Switch?


2, Is it possible to use Artnet and DMX at the same time?

Is the transmitted data for Artnet universe1 the same as DMX universe1?


Thank you



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Yes you can use both. Artnet is transmitted over Ethernet.

Ethernet is the physical layer or interface - Artnet the protocol on top. The Artnet protocol is used to pack DMX data in Ethernet frames.


It was developed by Artistic License and published so that it became something like a "open protocol" or standard.

Most desk, media servers or visualizers support this protocol.

There are lots of nodes available to convert it "back" to RS485 DMX to control fixtures with dmx based on rs485.


In your case you simply connect your desk and your computer to a switch (maybe already integrated in the access point).

The only thing you should check are the ip addresses, just take care that they are all in the same range.

Artnet is fixed to some specific IP nets, but the desk will only offer you those in the setup. So you can use this information to configure your computers network settings.

And of course - you can use the DMX outputs and Artnet at the same time.

Over Artnet you can output all 4 universes of the desk, in the network setup of the desk you can choose the mapping to Artnet.

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