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Windows Remote Monitor causing GM to zero

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I have used the Windows Remote Monitor software with our ORB XF desk a number of times in Hand Held mode during focusing, etc. This has worked fine.


Last night I decided to try using Remote Monitor in Monitor Mode to plot a show. I selected the Panel view and set up a lighting state. I then wanted to flip to the Desktop 1 view to see what level a certain channel was at. As soon as I flipped views the stage plunged into blackout. Flipping back I discovered the GM was now at zero. Every time I flipped views the same thing happened.


I gave up and went back to using the actual desk (and running up and down stairs to check how states looked). Half way through the evening I suddenly lost all output. After a bit of head scratching I noticed the GM level on the screen was zero even though the GM control was up at full. Taking the GM down and back up resolved the problem. It transpired that somebody had decided to shut the computer down as I wasn't using it and this had also forced the GM to zero.


The PC in question is a laptop running Windows7.

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